Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Almost a month. I feel terrible inside. This is the second worst blog on the internet (next to my cousin Claire's). I am so ashamed.

Ok. I'm over it now. Lots of stuff to talk about. New house, moving, working, softball, skiing, Rockies, Twins, Spanky, Gizmo, DIRECTV, DVRs, unpacking, throwing away crap, finding crap I forgot I had, wedding planning. Crazy, crazy stuff. Let's get right to it.

I am in the new house. We closed at 2:00 on the 22nd of March. Sarah and I had filled a U-Haul trailer of our storage unit by 11:15 that morning. We left the U-Haul at my apartment and went to the closing. We went straight from the closing to my apartment and took the U-Haul to the house. Talk about being eager to move!! That night, we got assistance from my family (sans Sara and Kato), Sarah's family (sans Wes), Nat and Deuce, Augie, and Jorge. Almost everything was out of the apartment by that night. It was a quick move. Friday night we got more help from my siblings (sans Sara again), Jorge, Natalie, and Robert. The apartment was empty with the exception of a few cleaning supplies after Friday. Saturday was spent unpacking and moving things around. Sunday, Sarah and I cleaned the apartment. I am done with that place forever!!

As for the new house, it is coming along. The kitchen has been done since day 2. The bedroom is almost completely unpacked. The living room is bare (mostly on the walls), but has no boxes. There are a few rooms that have some work to do and the garage is still a mess. But all in due time. Once again, I don't have pictures of the house. I will try to remember to do that tonight (maybe?). I really like the whole house ownership idea. Randy (Sarah's dad) and I have already drilled some holes through the masonry to get wiring to the TV. Sure can't do that in an apartment without repercussions!

A recap of the rest of the month -
  • Wedding planning is coming along. It still amazes me how many things could easily be overlooked if not careful. I'd like to give a big "Thank You" to for having that sweet checklist that Sarah and I refer to all the time!
  • We decided that a DVR would be a great idea. We were right. I don't think I will ever go back to not having one. I love missing the beginning of sporting events without missing a thing! Just fast forward through some commercials and you are back in line with the live TV! I also ordered DIRECTV (through the Qwest bundle). It is the first time I have ever had digital cable. Great fun. Lots of channels. Now to get HD. . .
  • Work is going well. I have been really busy as of late. Most weeks I've been putting in overtime and I still don't get everything done. As long as they keep writing the checks, right? I did take enough time off to catch Opening Day (as usual).
  • Speaking of that, the Rox look good. They are 8 games into the season (4-4), their starting pitching has looked stellar, and they have been in every game. A run or two in each of those games and they could be 8-0. I'm excited for the rest of the year. If only we could get a quality middle reliever!
  • The Twins started great until they hit the Yankee series. Then they dropped two big games. Hopefully, it is just their usual sucking against the Yanks and they will get back on track soon. I can't have the Twins suck. It will break me!
  • I never get more excited about the beginning of a season than when baseball starts. There is nothing that is better in this world.
  • Spanky and Gizmo love the back yard. They also love Mango, the boxer mix that lives right next door. I think they have contests to see who can run up and down the common fence the most in an hour!

That's a (fairly) quick synopsis of my life for the last month. Hopefully, I will be able to update this more now. No promises, but I need to stay ahead of Claire's blog. (It is linked on the right, in case you are interested!)