Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Baseball? Oooh - pick me!!

March came and went with no posts at all. Embarrassing. Or normal. One of the two.

The biggest news of the past month is the opening of the 2009 MLB season. I love Opening Day because it doesn't matter if you are the Yankees or the Orioles, every team has a sense of optimism when the season starts. Any team can make a run, as the Rays and Rockies have shown us the past couple years. This year, I have decided to make some predictions.

AL West
1. Angels - Solid lineup with above average pitching.
2. Rangers - Big bats and a rotation that can't be worse than the Rangers historically are.
3. A's - Holliday and Giambi can't make up for the weak rotation.
4. Mariners - This team is getting better, just not that much better. (Sidenote: I stop whatever I am doing to watch a Griffey AB. The prettiest swing in baseball. Period.)

AL Central
1. Twins - Not just a sentimental pick. This team is loaded with young talent in the lineup and the rotation.
2. Indians - A team that I think is overrated by the national media outlets.
3. White Sox - Inconsistent. And I hate them.
4. Royals - A team on the rise. Young power and improving pitching.
5. Tigers - More problems than they can fix in a season.

AL East
1. Rays - A young team that is only going to get better with the help of Pat "K" Burrell. Their rotation is good, too. I love Garza.
2. Red Sox - Probably the biggest question mark in the East. They have the talent to win this division, but will they stay healthy enough? And is Varitek going to drop below .200?
3. Yankees - Big $$ spent on free agents for another year on the couch in October.
4. Orioles - Stuck in a rut that continues this year.
5. Blue Jays - Halladay and. . . that's about it.

NL West
1. Diamondbacks - This team is dangerously young and talented.
2. Rockies - I put them here because I think some of those young pitchers are going to come through. This team will score a lot of runs.
3. Dodgers - Manny will not put this team in contention. But Ethier and Loney and Martin will.
4. Giants - Great starting pitching, weak lineup, Randy Johnson raging birds with his heat. Not a contender.
5. Padres - Peavy is traded by the end of May.

NL Central
1. Cubs - First time the Cubbies get to the playoffs in 3 consecutive years since who knows when.
2. Reds - I love this rotation. They have some young talent in their lineup as well (Votto).
3. Cardinals - Any team with Albert in the lineup can win games.
4. Brewers - No Sheets, no C.C., no playoffs.
5. Astros - Who the hell plays here any more?
6. Pirates - Congratulations on fighting for the title of worst team in baseball. Again.

NL East
1. Phillies - Defending champions are solid.
2. Braves - I like them here for some reason. No method to this madness.
3. Mets - I think they will start choking in July instead of August.
4. Marlins - Trouble.
5. Nationals - The Pirates' dance partner.

AL Wild Card
Red Sox - Although they are an enigma, I think they make the playoffs.

NL Wild Card
Rockies - This pick might be a little sentimental, but this team is improved with Baylor helping the hitters.

AL Champion
Rays - Better than last year, where they went to the WS.

NL Champion
Rockies - Hope springs eternal. . .

2009 WS Champion
Rays - I think this year they pull it off.