Friday, January 07, 2011

An Official "It Is Time to Put Fingers to Keys" Blog

Let's just have some brain dump here:
  • Since I am not actually putting pen to paper (that is soooooo 1995), I guess "fingers to keys" works. Still, it just doesn't have the same effect. 
  • Christmas has come and gone. Sarah and I took Mackenzie on her first Black Friday shopping extravaganza. She slept through the whole thing. As always, Sarah and I got more stuff for ourselves than Christmas presents. Such is life on a Black Friday. Just as we got home and were gearing up for a nap, Mackenzie decided she was ready to attack the day. Brutal. 
  • Speaking of Christmas, the holiday became 1000 times more magical when you have a little human in your lives. We met the John, Vicki, Riley, Jack, Natalie, Robert, Emerson, Keith, Corrie, Travis, Traci, Charlie, Calvin, Jaime, and Jason downtown at the Parade of Lights. It was awesome to watch Mackenzie as she stared at all the light floats. She loved it so much that the parade wasn't over more than 2 minutes and she had already crashed hard. Looking at all those lights is exhausting. We also took her to the North Pole down outside of Colorado Springs. She loved the carousel. She kicked and laughed and petted the reindeer the entire time. 
  • We took a page from Andrew and Jessica's book and got our Christmas tree up the weekend after Thanksgiving. 
  • The outside lights are another story. . . 
  • Sarah's friend Jaime from PA school brought her husband out to Colorado to check out possible new homes. While they were here, I was forced to take Jason up to Winter Park. Poor me. I was absolutely amazed at the coverage on the mountain for that early in the season. That is a good sign for a great ski season. Naturally, this is the first year in many years that I did not purchase a pass. Dang. 
  • Completely related: Kenzie needs to learn how to ski. Soon.
  • Troy Tulowitzki signed a big contract extension with the Rockies. His deal picked up his 2014 club option, then added an additional 6 years onto it. Basically, this sets him up to be in the purple pinstripes for life. Tulo repeated over and over during his press conference that he was determined to be a Derek Jeter or Cal Ripken Jr. for the Rockies. He wants to retire a Rocky and he is not even 30 years old. I am teetering on the fence right now about this deal. On the positive side, they just locked up the best shortstop in baseball for the bulk of his prime production years. On the negative side, it could be Todd Helton Part Deux. Let's hope that (a) Tulo's health stays with him, (b) his production stays up, and (c) the Rockies management keeps enough talent around Tulo to make this team competitive for a long, long while.
  • Just a few weeks later, it was announced that CarGo had signed a deal as well, his supposedly for $80 million over 7 years. The amazing thing is that CarGo is a Scott Boras client and the new contract defies a lot of the standard Boras contract details. The most shocking was the elimination of three free agent years from CarGo's future. Boras is notorious for getting maximum money out of his superstar players in their free agent years. He does not give those up because those are the money making years. The rumors coming through Twitter and other media outlets is that Boras advised CarGo of the pros and cons of signing the deal and he allowed CarGo and his family time to make the decision. The decision was to take the deal and give up those free agent years. The sabermetric people are estimating (using projections) that CarGo's true value will be closer to $98 to $112 million dollars over the life of the contract. Now he just needs to keep his numbers up. . .
  • The Rockies ownership has done a great job of getting themselves set up for the future. They took their two most marketable stars and locked them up long term. Now they are set up to build a competitive team around their two cornerstones. 
  • On the other side of the money coin, apparently Carmelo Anthony wants to sign his extension. If the Nuggets promise to trade him to the Knicks. My biggest problem with this situation? Who do the Knicks have to send back to the Nuggets to make the deal worthwhile? Let's just say that they better be throwing in lots and lots of high draft picks. The Nets have also been rumored to be chasing Melo as well. At least they have a few players that might be worth grabbing, but again, show us those draft picks!
  • The Avs started the season hot and have cooled significantly as of late. I have not watched too many games, but every time I turn them on, I am amazed by something that Duchene or Stastny does. Those two are absolute hockey studs. 
  • I'm not sure if I want to cover the Broncos here. What a joke of a team. I'm sorry, Pat Bowlen. Your once proud franchise has turned into one of the crappiest organizations around. And Tim Tebow will not part the Orange and Blue Sea to get us to the promise land. They are going to have to start rebuilding from the ground up. My blood is starting to boil just thinking about this. 
  • On a positive note, the Vikings finally got rid of Brad Childress. That dumbass was the WORST head coach in the NFL. Yep, even worse than McIdiot. Thanks to Brad Childress, they are two years behind where they should be. Instead of dragging Brett "Throwing Pics and Textin' Chicks" Favre out of retirement after his stint with the Jets, Childress should have drafted a young stud QB and developed him into a badass NFL player. Can you imagine a young stud QB with Peterson, Harvin, and Rice? I wish I could, but Childress ruined it. 
  • After continuously having issues with speed on my old phone, I finally upgraded to a new piece of technology. I went with what basically is the newer version of my old phone: the T-Mobile/HTC G2. The screen is amazing, the keyboard is great, Android Froyo is so user friendly. The biggest complaints thus far? The regular phone speaker is pretty weak. I have a hard time hearing people talking if I am in my car or in a loud place. The worst part about the phone is the fact that it drops internet coverage a lot. I'm not sure if it is a phone issue or a service issue, but we constantly lose the internet in our house. Luckily, I have the WiFi set up so I usually just sync to that when I am home. Still a pain in the ass. 
  • I am convinced that Drew Soicher is the most annoying person on television. And I don't even watch local news. I just think about "Drew or False" and I want to hurl. 
  • Since I am working on a new big project, I moved out of our regular office into a window cube on the 34th floor of 1670 Broadway downtown. For about three weeks I had a serious headache every day. It was so excruciating that I was downing ibuprofen like they were M&M's. I finally switched my monitors around so that I was not sitting with my back to the window. No more headaches. Now I sit and stare out at my beautiful view of Commerce City as it slowly burns. 
  • If you haven't seen the video of the Metrodome collapse, go watch it now. I'll wait.
  • Wasn't that amazing? Absolutely incredible. 
  • My favorite book when I was really little was "Cars and Trucks and Things That Go". We have that book for Kenzie, but I am working on getting all the way through it. Apparently she has some of her daddy's attention issues.
  • And yes, I still remember where Goldbug is on every page. 
  • My biggest focus in my career right now? Figuring out a way I can retire at 30. 
Think that was enough information for you all? Those words had been jammed in my brain for a long time now. My head just shrunk 3 hat sizes because of that dump. It is now a size 8. God damn.

Sorry this post lacks some color and creativity. The post has been sitting here too long to put THAT much effort into it. 

Til the next post,