Thursday, October 20, 2005

CSU Rammies

This weekend - BORDER WAR!!! I will be heading up to Fort Collins early on Saturday morning to meet up with everyone and head over to the stadium to tailgate. Anyone who is interested in meeting up should give me a call. I would guess (this isn't set in stone yet) that I will have a carload (at least) and we will be up there before 10:00. We will be meeting at my sister's place and heading over to the stadium from there. Of course, nothing says diehard fan like beer at 10:00 in the morning. Let me know if you want to caravan over. I'll be there early and ready to shotgun!

Monday, October 17, 2005

This Past Weekend

What a crazy weekend. It started off slow and boring, as I was in the office all Saturday morning. I was completing the last half day of a day and a half marketing training. Basically, I learned very little and got paid for it. Can't complain too much about it, but I did have to waste my Saturday morning. After the training, I helped Sarah's roommate get a new TV. One of my coworkers was selling it, so I helped her go get it. It is a 39" tube TV. Heavy as hell. And awkward. It was a very not-fun experience. Of course, the TV was too big for the entertainment center, so we raged a shelf out of it with a hammer. Fit perfectly after that! My day ended with the crappy defensive preformance of the CSU Rams. Terrible tackling and the worst linebacking corps I have seen in a long while. I hate when a passing team doesn't have to pass because every time they rush up the middle, they gain 7 yards and are tackled by our safeties. Sunday was a pretty low-key day. Just watched some football and hung out with Sarah. I did buy a pair of golf shoes, though. I had a gift certificate to Colorado Ski and Golf from last Christmas that I had forgotten about. I finally remembered that I had it in time to use it before it started to depreciate. Not too much new. I am anxiously awaiting the start of ski season. (Loveland opened last week!)

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Starting this up

After an informative message about blogs from Michael Dunham and my lack of motivation at work today, I decided to start up a blog myself. I'll try to keep this page updated as much as possible. Enjoy!