Friday, October 24, 2008

Fall Tradition

A few of us (John, Robert, Augie, and I) have a tradition of speculating what the following positions will look like for the Rockies upcoming opening day:
  • Starting Lineup
  • Bench Players
  • Starting Rotation
  • Bullpen
  • Set-up Man
  • Closer

This year we continued the trend. This is what I came up with:

Starting Lineup:
  1. 2B Barmes
  2. SS Tulo
  3. 3B Stewart
  4. LF Holliday
  5. RF Hawpe
  6. C Iannetta
  7. 1B Helton
  8. CF Smith

Bench Players:
  • Baker
  • Spilborghs
  • Fowler (although probably starting in AAA)
  • Quintanilla
  • Herrera
  • Bellorin
  • Podsednik

Starting Rotation:
  1. Cook
  2. Francis
  3. Jimenez
  4. Blackburn
  5. De La Rosa

  • Vizcaino
  • Rusch
  • Grilli
  • Speier
  • Hirsh
  • Morillo

  • Buchholz

  • Corpas

Unfortunately, you can see that there is an absence of Garrett Atkins in this lineup. I think he is the guy that they trade away to get some pitching help (Blackburn from the Twins, who are looking for a 3B). I think the Rockies management would like to continue to try and sign Holliday to a long term deal if they can't do it this offseason. Tavares is also gone. Not really sure where or for whom. But we don't need his .145 OBP anymore! I think they also trade Yorbit to someone who needs a starting catcher. He's not happy with his playing time, and the Rockies have Iannetta. Fuentes is probably gone as well. Any way you look at it, the Rockies need to make some changes this offseason. Standing pat is not acceptable with the way this team looked in 2008. Pitching needs to be addressed and we have the position players to make some deals.

What do you all think?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Jonny X's Words Have Become Truth

This lack of posting is getting ridiculous. I, like every scumbag politician, will blame the other party for this travesty.

Updates on the life and times of Mr. Flick:

The basement bathroom is slowly coming along. After making it through Deppe's bachelor party without needing to use the toilet hole in the floor after copious amounts of booze and beef, I think Sarah and I can survive with just the one bathroom for a little while.

Jon Deppe and Holly Winters did in fact get married on October 4th. Congratulations to them. Their ceremony was beautiful and very much a reflection of their personalities. I had a great time.

Softball season is coming to a close. My men's team lost in the semifinals on Monday yet again this season. It seems as if we decide to play our worst games every year in the tournaments. Pretty pathetic. The coed team has one more week of play and then a tournament the weekend of November 8-9. We'll see how that goes. We traditionally don't play well in tournaments in that league either! Starting to see a trend here?

Sarah and I will be in Estes Park this weekend to celebrate our first anniversary (September 22). We will be staying at a bed and breakfast and just enjoying out time away from work and everything else. Hopefully the weather stays fairly nice for our little weekend getaway.

Colorado State football goes from promising to disastrous to promising to disastrous again. I expected a bit of a learning curve under Steve Fairchild. This has been a roller coaster season, though. Overall, I think that Fairchild is going in the right direction. The offense actually looks like a force to be reckoned with and has unpredictability at times (something that had disappeared during Lubick's last couple years). Plus Larry Kerr has done a phenomenal job in his return as defensive coordinator.

The Broncos just plain suck. Their defense will really be hurting now that Champ Bailey is out for a couple weeks. The offense needs to get back to the absurd scoring that they experienced the first few weeks of the season.

Sarah and I sent our mail-in ballots in this week. Never have I seen such a bloated and ridiculous ballot. Let's hope that Referendum O passes so that we as voters don't have to see such ridiculousness again.

After some initial legwork, I have scrounged up snowboards for Sarah and I to borrow this season. I am actually getting really excited to branch out and try the other side. I've been skiing for a long, LONG time now, so it will be fun to be relegated to the green runs and falling on my ass all day!

In exactly one year to the month, I will be taking the professional engineer exam. I wonder what happens with all the engineering crap I pushed out of my head in the last 3.5 years? Does it magically insert itself back into my brain? I sure hope so.

Maybe this time I won't wait a month and a half before I return. . .