Friday, April 02, 2010

A Return to the Random Musing

I have quite a few random thoughts bouncing around my head these days. Time to spill them onto my internet canvas.

  • I flew to Portland for work a couple weekends ago. When I left Portland, I had a layover in Sacramento before ultimately ending up in Vegas for the opening weekend of March Madness. On Monday night I headed back to Denver. It was a great freaking trip.
  • As I sat in my seat on the plane from Denver to Portland, I was checking out the seat markers under the overhead compartments. The seat markers say "(Mos) DEF" on the right side. "Mos" is implied. 
  • I kept hearing him saying, "I HAD A BAD EXPERIENCE!"
  • As the plane was taking off, the numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, and 42 were scrolling through my brain. Those are not the best numbers to think about during plane travel.
  • I truly love flying. It still amazes me to think that I am floating through the air in a metal box. 
  • I usually try to get a window seat so that I can watch the takeoff and landing. I love seeing a city's infrastructure from above. I know, I am a nerd. 
  • I had an aisle seat on the flight from Portland to Sacramento. A couple was sitting across the aisle from each other in the seats right in front of me. The older man was wearing incredibly short shorts. His wife spent 90% of the flight putting her hand across the aisle to stroke his bare thigh. I have never puked on a plane, but it almost happened. 
  • I almost asked them to get a room, but then I realized the only rooms on the plane were the cockpit or one of the lavatories. 
  • I love Twitter, but I have a huge problem with people abusing spelling and grammar on there. Just because you only have 140 characters does not give you the right to cut corners.
  • If you present yourself as an idiot, I am forced to believe that you are an idiot.
  • Fans of ICP might be the weirdest freaking people on the planet. I have never understood the appeal of that joke of a band. 
  • Do you know that the Canadian currency still has the picture of Queen Elizabeth II on it?
  • Can you imagine having U.S.A. currency with a picture of a monarch from a country we gained our independence from on it? I sure can't. 
  • Joe Nathan's injury and subsequent trip to the DL (for the year) will hurt the Twins. It won't, however, stop them from winning the AL Central.
  • I start drooling every time I think about how good the Rockies outfield could be for the next several years.
  • Carlos "The Knife" Gonzales, Dexter Fowler, and Seth Smith (once he usurps Hawpe) are lethal on both offense and defense. 
  • I am obviously ignoring Scott Boras in my last two bullets.
  • My 2002 Xterra still has less than 80k miles on it. That means I am averaging less than 10k miles per year. That is awesome. 
  • I plan on owning that car forever.
  • When Sarah and I fly, we usually take Southwest Airlines since they have the cheapest flights. When I traveled this past trip, I flew on Frontier for 2 out of the 3 legs of the journey. I now remember why I like Southwest so much. 
  • The Frontier people were incredibly rude in the Las Vegas airport. I asked a simple question about getting on an earlier flight and the lady at the gate nearly bit my head off. 
  • I absolutely love tattoos. I currently have zero. I have never been able to determine exactly what I would want painted on my body for eternity. This does not stop me from enjoying other people's phenomenal inked artwork. 
  • Last summer I saw one of the coolest sleeves ever on a chick on the 16th Street Mall Shuttle. 
  • She may or may not have caught me staring at her arm. 
  • It was awkward.
  • When I win Powerball, the first thing I will buy is a spicy bean burrito with sour cream from Taco Bell. You can't forget your roots. 
Til the next post,