Monday, October 17, 2005

This Past Weekend

What a crazy weekend. It started off slow and boring, as I was in the office all Saturday morning. I was completing the last half day of a day and a half marketing training. Basically, I learned very little and got paid for it. Can't complain too much about it, but I did have to waste my Saturday morning. After the training, I helped Sarah's roommate get a new TV. One of my coworkers was selling it, so I helped her go get it. It is a 39" tube TV. Heavy as hell. And awkward. It was a very not-fun experience. Of course, the TV was too big for the entertainment center, so we raged a shelf out of it with a hammer. Fit perfectly after that! My day ended with the crappy defensive preformance of the CSU Rams. Terrible tackling and the worst linebacking corps I have seen in a long while. I hate when a passing team doesn't have to pass because every time they rush up the middle, they gain 7 yards and are tackled by our safeties. Sunday was a pretty low-key day. Just watched some football and hung out with Sarah. I did buy a pair of golf shoes, though. I had a gift certificate to Colorado Ski and Golf from last Christmas that I had forgotten about. I finally remembered that I had it in time to use it before it started to depreciate. Not too much new. I am anxiously awaiting the start of ski season. (Loveland opened last week!)

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