Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Resolutions Schmezolutions

The year of our Lord two thousand thirteen. Hard to believe it is already here. I am not typically a resolution person, mostly because I understood that they were a waste of my time. It is not that I don't believe in bettering myself, but I never actually do what I say I am going to do. That attitude probably puts me with approximately 98% of the population who do make New Years resolutions. It is amazing how difficult it is to make even simple changes in your life. I feel like this year is different, though. What better way to provide motivation than laying it out online for all to see?

To be quite honest, I am spoiled with where I am in life. My wife brings happiness to my life on an hourly (if not more frequent) basis. I have a beautiful, smart, and mouthy little daughter who loves me more than I deserve. Little man Flick is expected at any moment, helping me balance out the estrogen to testosterone ratio in our house. My job has taken me places that I did not expect to see this early in my career. The opportunities that are exposed to me daily are not typical of a person of my experience. Besides my bum knee, I'm holding up pretty well for a over the hill geezer who just hit 30. I am financially comfortable, own some things, and am looking to own some other things. Life is good, people. Life is good.

Regardless of how good life might be, there are things that happen that cause you to step back and take a broader view of who and what and where you are. Hitting 30 years old and realizing that I am about to have two little rug rats rolling around my house was my moment of reflection. Life is good - a couple little things can make it even better.

Number one on my list mirrors pretty much every resolution ever made. I need to get back into better shape. Kids are time consuming and exhausting. Add in wife, work, house, cars, everything else and your body takes a back seat. That cannot happen any more. The gym and I need to become acquaintances again. My natural reaction to free time is couch time. That needs to change to anything but couch time. The eating needs to slow down and get healthier. I have this fear that I get to a point where I cannot play with my kids because I am a fat blob and I can't handle physical activity. Although I am not at that point yet, I could always get to that point if I don't make a change soon. There is only one way to make sure this does not happen. Get after it.

Number two on my list is actually doing more with this blog. Writing is an outlet for me. Putting words on paper has always been a source of relaxation and stress relief. I blame it on my English-teaching mother and fantastic teachers along the way. Writing is therapeutic. My biggest issue with this blog has always been determining subject matter. Any recommendations would be greatly accepted (no seriously, suggestions would be great In 2012, I had exactly two posts on here (with an additional two on our family blog). Pathetic. In 2013, my goal is 12 (not including this one). I think an improvement of 6 times would be a great start. There is only one way to make sure those posts happen. Get after it.

Number three is photography. I grew up with cameras (my dad's Nikons from the 1970s) and now have a few of my own. They have been far too dormant the last few years, it is time for them to make frequent appearances. The first step is having a camera with me at all times. Step two is remembering that I have a camera on me at all times. Step three is taking lots and lots of pictures. Of family. Of friends. Of bridges (can't avoid the nerd in me, sorry). Of whatever I see. I hope that resolution three can arc back to resolution two - the pictures I take need to be displayed somewhere. All I ask is for constructive criticism of whatever I do share. Just like before, there is only one way to make sure that this happens. GET AFTER IT.

So here we go - publicly stating what I need to get after this year. If you see me slip up at all this year, remind me that I suck and I need to get after it. Saltier language will be accepted. And get after it, I must. My kids need a fit, refreshed, and camera-toting dad for years to come.

Until the next post (now with a sixth of the wait!),

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