Friday, June 08, 2018

Sonny Lubick Field at...

This week, the company formerly known as Public Service Credit Union finalized and released their brand update. Normally a release of this nature would not register in my world, but my interest was piqued because of the April announcement of the stadium naming rights partnership between PSCU and Colorado State University. The new brand name and logo would adorn MY beautiful new on-campus stadium for the next 15 years and I wanted to avoid stupid names like Guaranteed Rate Field or WisePies Arena or KFC Yum! Center or Nickelback. (My original wish was that Otterbox, a Fort Collins company started by a CSU grad, was going to pay for the naming rights and name it Sonny Lubick Field at the Otterbox. Alas, it shall only be called that in my mind...)

When the announcement came, Multi-Use Stadium became Canvas Stadium - sponsored by the new look Canvas Credit Union. The logo is a conglomeration of circumflexes that spell out "Canvas" and appear to jaggedly point to the left in a Aggie orange color.
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The name is fine (it's no Otterbox). The logo and colors are fine. But to those of us lucky enough to reside in Colorado know that the official name of the stadium is just a suggestion. Coors Field is #Coors or #LOLCoors. Pepsi Center is "The Can". Invesco Field Sports Authority Field Nameless Broncos stadium is usually just Mile High. Dick's Sporting Goods Park is "The Richard". So what to call this freshly minted northern Colorado beauty? The easy answer won't work because "The Can" will always refer to the Pepsi Center. Here are some random and terrible ideas that I had:
- The Bob Ross
- Happy Little Stadium
- The Circumflex
- The Caret
- The Chevron
- The Chuck Taylor
- The Chuck
- The Otterbox (I can't quit you!)

Jenny Cavnar has a suggestion that sounds fun but may lack the desired machismo required for NCAA football: 

In the grand scheme of things, Canvas Stadium works well. The stadium name is unique in the sports world, it is not terrible, and it is backed by 37,700,000 reasons to like it. Regardless of the name on the stadium, I will be in my seat in the Canvas with a cocktail this fall and the fall after that and the fall after that and the fall after that...

Go Rams.

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