Monday, December 05, 2005

The Donkeys

After a long night to muse over the deterioration of the Broncos in Kansas City, I have decided that I despise the coaching staff of the Donkeys and their ridiculous play calling.

After winning several games in a row by pounding the football on the ground and then reverting to the play-action when the defense was looking for the run, the Broncos coaching staff decided to air it out in the cold of Kansas City. The result was the crap that evolved Sunday. Jake Plummer imploded and threw a couple picks at the most inopportune time (like there really is a good time to throw and interception). The receivers were dropping balls. They couldn't convert on 3rd down. And the play calling looked like the coaches had given up on the game. At the end of the first half, the Broncos had time for one last play. The ball was placed on the outer edge of Jason Elam's range. Mike Shanahan decided to go for it instead of kick the long field goal. I assumed that the Broncos would take a shot at the end zone. Why else would the offense go back on the field? Boy, was I wrong. What play did Shanahan call instead? A freaking running play that got 4 yards as time expired. If you were going to give up that easily, why didn't you at least try for the field goal? I would have much rather you missed the field goal then ran the ball for a couple worthless yards. Way to show your team that you are playing to win, Shanahan!

Usually, the Broncos defense holds opponents to minimal rushing and contains the opponent's receivers. Sunday, the Broncos decided to make Trent Green and Eddie Kennison look like Payton Manning and Marvin Harrison. Plus the defensive line couldn't contain Larry Johnson at all.

Overall, I was completely disappointed in the Broncos attempt at playing football this weekend. They looked flat and sorry and the play calling didn't help them at all. I'm sorry I wasted that time watching the game. The best part of the game. Second and goal at the Chief's 7 yard line. Jake Plummer split to the left? BVP runs 7 yard for the touchdown!! Probably the greatest play of the game.

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