Monday, January 30, 2006

It's Been a While

It has been quite a while since my last post (almost a month!). So I should fill in the 1.5 people that read this blog every 3 months. As of the last post, I have been skiing several times, have been to Phoenix for 3+ days, and now I am currently in Grand Junction, CO. Let me tell you how fun that town is. But first, the other places.

Skiing - I have been up several times this season (both at Breckenridge and Beaver Creek) and I have to say that this snow is incredible. This past weekend, I skied in the softest snow I have ever encountered. Absolutely amazing.

I was down in Phoenix (visiting the womanpiece, of course) from January 19th until January 22nd. Sarah and I had a good time. We didn't do much. Pretty much just spent some time together and took it easy. It was a great time.

Now I am in Grand Junction. I have been here since last Wednesday (January 25th). I'll be here until Thursday (February 2nd). It is a long time to be (a) in a hotel room and (b) in a crappy little town with little to offer. I apologize to anyone from Grand Junction, but your town sucks. Let's go over the activities of the past half of a week. On Wednesday and Thursday night, I went to dinner and then watched TV in my room. On Friday evening, I walked the entire Mesa County Mall, bought a new pair of ski pants that I desperately needed, went to dinner and then watched the Nuggets game in my room. Saturday, I went skiing at Beaver Creek. It is about a 2 hour drive, so just like driving up from home. Skiing was great. That night, dinner and Walmart. Thankfully, Walmart was having a sale on cheap-ass DVD players, so I bought one for pennies. I watched a movie that night. Sunday, repeat Saturday with more hotel room time and less skiing. Now we have reached Monday. I'm almost done out here. Only a few more days to go. At least I have my DVD player. That will keep me busy tonight. I think any more than a week out here and I would have to shoot myself. It is that painful. Wow.

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