Monday, November 06, 2006

(I can't think of any clever titles)

Here it is November already. Damn, time flies by so quickly. So here is the update of the world that is Mike Flick. . .
Sarah got herself a job. Thank God. I don't have to support her any more!! She is excited. It is with two surgeons that work out of St. Anthony's Central and Lutheran Hospitals. Very very awesome. She was getting sick of not working, so it will be nice for her to be working for a while. Because she got this job, it looks like we won't be moving to Phoenix. Like I've said before, I'm torn on that issue. While I'm happy to be closer to both of our families, the mountains, the cold weather, and the Rockies, I'm a little disappointed that I'm not doing something new and exciting like moving to a new state with just Sarah and my truck. Either way, Sarah and I will do great. Plus, I love my job and the people I work with, so it would have been tough to leave them.

Random thoughts for this Monday evening -

  • I hate the Raiders with every ounce of my being.
  • I wish more people would read this thing. It feels somewhat like a waste of time, but I do get to update the few peeps that read it (Dunham, Fitz, JB, Timmay, Mandy)
  • Catholic weddings are ridiculous in their cost and preparation.
  • Michael Dunham has officially raged me in the race to the alter.
  • I'm glad the Broncos finally got their offense going. If only both sides of the ball would play during the same game. . .
  • I miss having a garage. This apartment thing is completely overrated. I can't even change the oil in my Xterra here. I have to go over to my parents' house to do that. So lame. Give me a garage anytime!
  • Robby Gordon is switching to Fords next year. Not sure how I feel about it. He'll get better equipment, but it is from the enemy. I think I have to stick with the driver and not the manufactorer.
  • Let's hope Jimmie Johnson blows two engines in the next two races.
  • Ditto for Jeff Gordon and Kurt Busch.
  • The civil engineering market in Denver is exploding. Hopefully, HDR will keep me moving up with it.
  • I have a constant urge to go buy a puppy. Spanky is just not enough any more (he is still a badass dog, I just want more).
  • Thankfully, ski season has begun. I can't wait to get my first turns. Don't know when that will be, but hopefully soon. Get back here Rosie!!
  • There are Christmas commercials on the TV already. It is the first week of November. I love Christmas, but not quite yet. Let's get through Thanksgiving first.
  • Voting tomorrow. Make sure you get out and get your voice heard.
  • For all of you Coloradoans, vote yes on I. It's not marriage, it's just basic human rights.
Talk to you all soon (I hope).


Anonymous said...

Don't buy puppies. Adopt them!!!

Anonymous said...

I read your blog Flick...Its the only way I can keep up with everyone's lives.
Oh by the way...this is Black Betty Bam-a-lam :-)

Anonymous said...

Damn right better equipment. First On Race Day.

Mikey said...

Irony - misspelling a word when you are making fun of someone who misspelled a word. (Blooger?)

Anonymous said...

Aren't weddings ridiculously priced????? I especially look fondly on the $700 we had to shell out for the PRIEST. Yes, it was a 'suggested donation', but one that was completely non-negotiable. Nice. Funny story: Jake asked what would happen if we didn't pay the full $700 and the priest goes, "If you want to get married, you'll pay me. Isn't your happiness worth that much anyways?" Whoever said the Catholic church wasn't a business obviously never got married in one. ;)