Tuesday, November 28, 2006

My new favorite NFL team

After a short hiatus, Bradlee Van Pelt is once again a professional football player. The Houston Texans picked him up after Sage Rosenhaus broke his hand making a tackle on a weird play. Rosenhaus is the holder and they attempted a 59 yard field goal. They were short and the opposing team returned it. Sage made the tackle and broke his hand in the process. Enter the BVP.

That makes three CSU Rams on the Texans. BVP, David Anderson - who was picked up by the Texans after the draft, and Dexter Wynn - who was cut by the Eagles and picked up by the Texans at the beginning of November.

Let's hope the Rams can represent themselves in Texas well. I believe that 3 is the highest number of CSU alums on a single NFL team. This is the list as I know it:

Broncos : 2 (Cecil Sapp, Erik Pears)
Steelers: 2 (Joey Porter, Clark Haggans)
Seahawks: 1 (John Howell)

I think that is all. Eight players currently. Hopefully Kory can make it too.

That is all from Flickville right now. One of these days I will sit down to give everyone a good update on my life. Stay classy, people.

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