Thursday, March 15, 2007

One week and counting!

One week from today, Sarah and I close on our first home! So exciting. All those days of throwing away money to rent will be gone! Awesome. The packing has started at my apartment. Slowly but surely boxes have become filled. It is amazing how much crap has accumulated in less than a year at that place. Gizmo is pretty excited about the move. He has been showing me his excitement by trying to eat every cardboard box in the apartment. Nothing shows excitement quite like that!

The wifey is good. The dogs are good. The car is finally whole again. Things are starting to fall into place and I am quite ok with that.

March Madness just started. I won a bracket for money for the first time ever last year through my company. Hopefully, I can do that again this year! This is the year of the #16 seeds, right? I'm just hoping for lots of big upsets and good games.

More from me later. . .

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Tim and Family said...

I am glad to see you are getting better about posting more frequently. I am still a three times per year blogger, but my one from the new year has been posted.