Monday, August 27, 2007

Less than a month

Time flies by fast, but it speeds up more when a wedding is approaching. I can't believe I am less than three months away from being an old married man. Crazy. However, time does tick by ever so slowly when I have a terrible case of ADD at work like is happening right now. I swear it has been 3:30 for 3 hours now.

We are getting to the home stretch now. Last month of being the wild and crazy bachelor that I am now! We have started to write the last checks and make the last preparations. I will not be sad to see the planning process disappear. But enough about the wedding. Let's focus on some more interesting topics.

Restaurant Review:
Fortune City (Chinese and Vietnamese)
Located at Jewell and Wadsworth, Fortune City offers sit down, take out, and delivery Chinese food. Sarah and I have had food delivered from this place in the past and it was good, so we decided to stop in for dinner this past weekend. Sarah had sesame chicken, I had Mongolian beef, and we split an order of crab cheese wontons. Sarah's chicken was good but not spectacular. The wontons (with spicy mustard and sweet and sour sauce) were great. But the Mongolian beef was excellent. I would definitely recommend this little joint. For the money, it was good stuff.

Movie Review:
I can review this movie with one word: superawesome. But why use one word when you can use many? This movie is hilarious. I was laughing beginning to end. When I say beginning, I mean beginning. The 70's style silouette dancing got the movie off to a great start. The jokes were dirty and immature, but when even Sarah is laughing, you have yourself a winner! The bad part is that I was laughing so hard at certain points during the movie, I missed the next punchline. I guess I will have to watch it again to catch the rest of the zingers. However, I was a little worried about the girl in the theater that sat next to Augie. Despite the fact that everyone in the theater was laughing (including all her girlfriends) she remained stone-faced the entire movie. Either she hates the world or she is a communist. Or both. All in all, I enjoyed this movie more than Knocked Up, which was written by the same people. Go and check it out.

Softball Review:
Taboma (Sunday night co-ed)
We ended the season in first place, which meant we all got hoodies that say "badass" across the chest. This particular park has one central tournament for all the leagues throughout the week. Since we won our Sunday league, we had a first round bye in a double elimination tournament. Unfortunately, four of our girls were unable to make the Saturday tournament. Two of these four girls are Sarah (college softball player) and Tina (solid softball player). They are also our two best girl hitters on the team. Kind of a big hole to fill. The girls we had play with us for the tournament were a huge, huge, HUGE step down. Couple that with the fact that our team couldn't hit the ball if it were on a tee, we lost our first game to the eventual second place team. So we moved to the losers bracket and proceeded to lose to a far inferior team that just annihilated our right fielder (a late add-on to the team). All in all, it was a pathetic attempt at softball from a good softball team. At least we got the sweatshirts, right? And for those of you who are interested, Taboma (the name of our team) comes from ancient Greek mythology. Taboma was a Greek god of anger and his name was derived from the phrase "Take A Bite Outta My Ass".

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