Thursday, April 03, 2008

I expect this will be crazy

By this, I mean this weekend. It starts tomorrow with Opening Day here in Denver. I am NOT working tomorrow, but I will not be home either. Augie ( and I will be taking Sarah to work in the morning and then grabbing some breakfast before we hit the bars. With all the festivities going on around Coors Field, we should have plenty of entertainment before the game. Right after the game, Sarah and I are off to the airport to catch our flight to Phoenix. We are going to Sara and Jason's wedding outside of Tucson. Late flight on Friday, wedding on Saturday, meeting up with our favorite Border Patrol agent on Sunday. Should be a good weekend.

On to some random things:
  • A few of my buddies have started a website that is fairly entertaining. It is called The Cru Jones Society and so far it has been a pleasure to read. The posts are fairly constant and I plan on disagreeing with them at all times. Check it out.
  • The Rockies dropped their first series in St. Louis. Not cool, guys, not cool. What happened to the Rockies having the most potent lineup in the NL?
  • The Twins have also started their season in a sucky way, dropping 3 of 4 against the Angels. I do miss Torii Hunter, but Carlos Gomez has a chance to be really, really good.
  • Since baseball started, I have had this ridiculously large craving for baseball movies. I just want to take a day off and watch Bull Durham (lollygaggers!), Major League, 61*, Eight Men Out, The Sandlot ("You play ball like a GIRL!"), The Natural, For Love of the Game, A League of Their Own, and any other baseball movie I can get my hands on.
  • I Am Legend is a disturbing and great movie.
  • The Denver Auto Show was fantastic as always. The Nissan GT-R was the highlight of the show.
  • The Avs are in, the Nuggets are in (right now). Let's hope it stays that way and they can do something once the playoffs start.
  • As unhappy as I am that the economic stimulus package passed, it will be nice to get that check in the next month or so. How can our lawmakers completely disregard the future of this country each and every time they vote on something?
  • The liquor law that would legalize Sunday sales of alcohol has reached a stopping point at the governor's desk. Looks like the supermarkets are not happy about the deal and they want to be allowed to sell regular strength beer, not just 3.2. I say let them all sell everything (including hard alcohol) every day. Whatever happened to economic competition?
  • The Sin City graphic novels are an incredible read. I use the word "read" lightly considering a majority of my "reading" time is spent marveling at the artwork. Frank Miller does incredible work using a very hard artistic concept (especially for an analytical engineer like myself). His drawings are created by drawing the negative space, not the object. To me, it is a completely backward concept and I love looking at the effectiveness of his style.
  • It is a sad state that we are in when every single political discussion that occurs around me ends up with me being angry or depressed. With all the crap out there, is there a bright spot anywhere? Someone please tell me if there is. I'd love to check it out!
  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl is an incredible game. The one player game is actually playable (unlike the N64 version).
  • Green tea has become my staple caffeine at work. I'm getting in the habit of grabbing a cup or two of that every morning at work. Great stuff.
  • This website is a bit of a time waster, but it will challenge your brain. Check it out. The periodic table of elements kicked my ass. I think I ended up with only 28 elements. Terrible.
I can't wait for tomorrow. The first baseball game of the year is always a good time. It's even better when you are missing work for it!

To the next post,


Jonny said...

Mr. Flick,

I have a few thoughts in response to your random thoughts:

1) Thanks for pimping the Cru Jones Society (even though you disagreed with this E Dagger fellow so vehemently about his stance on country music - point well taken, though).

2) I love that you have a ridiculously large craving to watch "A League of Their Own." Nothing like a touchy feely story about women and their relationships to get you rarin' to go for baseball! (P.S. I also love this movie, but am slightly ashamed of admitting that)

3) Couldn't agree more with you on the economic stimulus package. I think it's a poor policy decision, but I'll never turn down free money.

4) The Sunday sales law needs to get passed, and now. I agree with letting everyone sell everything all the time, but grocery stores don't want liquor stores to be able to sell food which is what will hold this back for many more years to come. Allowing liquor stores to sell food is the only way I support grocery stores selling liquor, though.

5) Politics is inherently depressing because everyone is an ideologue except you. No one wants to compromise, to see both sides, or think critically. Welcome to club misery. Population: Every unaffiliated, right-thinking, engaged voter.

6) Green tea is the best! I drink it everyday as well.

7) Aside from the game itself, Opening Day was fantastic! I suppose this is akin to the common cliche, "Aside from that, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you enjoy the play?"

Mikey said...

1) I'm always down with supporting the endeavors of friends. Just don't step on my country toes.

2) "A League of Their Own" has Tom Hanks playing a drunk ex major leaguer. If liking this movie makes you gay, well, I guess I need to talk to my wife. . .

3) Free money for us. Not so free for our kids.

4) I agree that liquor stores should be allowed to sell groceries if the grocery stores can sell liquor. However, it is nice to see even little steps toward a free market economy.

5) The current state of our government is pathetic. I read an excerpt from Lee Iacocca's (supposedly) new book. He talks about how a true patriot for this country would be outraged at the general disregard that our government shows for the welfare of the general populous. Name me one politician who cares about actually doing something about our current nosedive.

6) This week has required a double dose of green tea.

7) Hopefully the Rox can pull together and play like the end of last season.