Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Weekend Recap

Great, great weekend. Here's the recap:

Augie comes over for the night. He was planning on staying at our house all weekend to watch the dogs, anyways.

6:45 - Wake up, get ready for day, load car with Phoenix luggage
7:30 - Drop Sarah off at her work. Silly girl didn't take the whole day off!
7:45 - Get to Las D's, not open, head across street to coffee house
8:00 - Las D's opens, deliciousness ensues! (Funny side story, the lady spoke to us exclusively in Spanish, although neither Augie nor I know a lick of Spanish!)
8:00 to 8:30 - Watch various coworkers walk to work. Suckers!! What a great feeling.
8:45 - Arrive at Greyhound Station to park car
9:00 - Stand outside of Sports Column, angry that they are not already open
9:30 - After walking around for a while, notice Tavern Downtown is open. Go inside. Run into a high school friend of mine and his dad. Have a beer, talk about things.
10:00 - Head back over to the SC. Definitely open at this point.
10:00 to 1:30 - Pitcher after pitcher after pitcher of Coors Light. And a Jagerbomb.
2:05 - Gametime. Too bad the Rockies played like ass.
4:45ish - Sarah and I head out of Coors Field to run home and get the camera we forgot. Then it is a quick turnaround and we are off to the airport.
8:00 - Flight takes off for Phoenix.
9:00 (Phoenix time) - land in Phoenix, get picked up by Jaime, head to her apartment.

Sometime in the morning - Wake up, lounge around, get ready, EAT IN-N-OUT BURGER (the capitals signify the most important piece of the puzzle)
12:00ish - Start the journey to Tubac, AZ (30 miles north of Nogales and the Mexican border)
3:00 - Jason and Sara's wedding ceremony - very nice, pretty short, very warm.
After this point, time becomes a blur. The wedding was at Tubac Golf Resort, as was the reception and our room. We went from the wedding to the reception, drank some beer, some wine, some champagne, did some dancing, had some dinner, the usual stuff. At some point, we headed back to the room and crashed. Good day.

Woke up somewhat early.
Had brunch with the bride, groom, and family.
11:00 - Left Tubac for Tucson
12:00 - Met Ninja Jamie for lunch right outside the University of Arizona main gate. The little Old Town looking place was hopping and very reminiscent of Fort Collins. Very cool place. Sat with the Ninja for a couple hours before he had to go home to go to bed and we had to head back up to Phoenix to catch our flight.
4:30 - Get to the Phoenix airport. Jaime has to work at 7:00 and she lives on the west side of the metro area right by her work. It was pointless and a waste of time to go all the way back to her place, so we just had her drop us off at the airport early. Sarah and I walked and walked and walked and I did the Tulo chant in every corner of the airport. Sarah loved it.
8:45 - We finally take off for Denver. Phew.
12:30 - Get home, unload the car, get into bed and try to get some sleep before work on Monday.

All in all, it was a great weekend. Congratulations, Sara and Jason.


Jonny said...

Sounds like fun. Especially since it's snowing right now - good lord. I talked to Ninja Jamie last night and he told me that you all went to the same place he, Jason and I went when I was down there last.

Was the service still remarkably awful? Did you drink some of their profoundly mediocre beer?

Those qualms aside, I dug their set-up and location. You're right, it reminded me of Fort Collins too.

Glad to hear your trip went well, dude. And sorry I called you Sunday thinking I saw you downtown before the Rox game - Kristin's a crackhead. But really, how many gold Xterras are around? Can I get a ruling on this?

Fitz said...

Gotta love these kinds of weekends. They make the weeks more bearable.

We've got to get folks together again at a time that you and Sara can join. Bowling was a blast. I'm not opposed to a repeat...

Any ideas?

Mikey said...

Jonny X - here is a checklist to determine if the gold Xterra you just saw is mine
1. Are there CSU license plates?
No - Not Mikey
Yes - Next Questions
2. Is there a CSU hitch plug?
No - Not Mikey
Yes - Next Question
3. Is there a giant Ram logo on the back window?
No - Not Mikey
Yes - Next question
4. Is there a giant steel ARB bumper on the front?
No - Not Mikey
Yes - It's Mikey

And Fitzy - the worst thing about weekends is that they go so damn fast. I need to retire so I can sit back and enjoy life like that all the time! If you know how I can get to that point in the next few years, let me know. We'll figure something out!

And I'm down for bowling anytime (when feeling well).

Unknown said...

Well, the Friday part sounds like a great time, wish I were there....Wait, I was there and it was awesome minus the mediocre Rockies game