Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Congratulations to Justin Morneau for winning the Home Run Derby last night (although Josh Hamilton was probably more deserving). Based on Hamilton's huge first round and the slow decline afterwards, it definitely looks as if the Home Run Derby could use a bit of a tweaking. Jayson Stark at ESPN agrees.

Basically, Stark's idea is this: have a two round Derby with eight players. Only 2 advance to the second (and final round). The final round would involve the two contestants taking turns in three, three-out "innings". Highest total in the final round wins.

What do you guys think about this format? How could they tweak it to make it enjoyable to watch and fair for the players?


Jonny said...

I watched the Derby last night, and like every Derby, I was bored off my ass by the middle of the first round. I usually watch the first round and then do something else so I can see each player, then be done with it. You can only listen to Chris Berman for so long.

I also read Stark's column, and I think he's absolutely right. Much better format and it would definitely help trim the bloated 3 and a half hour event nicely.

Bryce said...

They should give each player a hit of PCP and let them use aluminum bats.