Monday, July 07, 2008

Monday Randomness

The past week or so has been tough on the work front because (a) the last week in June was spent vacationing in Mexico, (b) this past weekend was the 4th of July holiday weekend, and (c) I, like everyone else, would rather be doing anything besides working during the warm months in Denver. Nothing like some time off to make me want some more time off. Onward. . .

  • Although the Rockies have sucked hard this year, they sure did entertain this weekend. My company bought tickets to the July 3rd game, which the Rockies ended up winning in 11 innings. Then, we all headed down to the outfield grass to watch the fireworks. Great day. Follow that with a come-from-9-runs-down 18-17 victory on Friday, they sure did keep the folks in Denver on the edge of their seats.
  • Sunday marked the first day of rest that I have seen liquor sales in Colorado. Glorious. I celebrated by doing nothing. In fact, I had forgotten about it until I read about it here:
  • I stole Jorge's copy of Super Mario Galaxy when he was in Mexico. Great game. Incredible game. Might be my favorite game for the Wii. Might be my favorite game of all time. It is that good.
  • Speaking of the Wii, NCAA Football 2009 comes out pretty soon on that platform. I was upset they didn't have this game before. As fun as Madden is, NCAA Football is always way better.
  • When is my next paid holiday?
  • A few of my buddies took a 5 day trip through remote southwestern Colorado with nothing besides the packs on their backs. Pictures, videos, and stories can be found here and here.
  • Our trip to Mexico was incredible. The week was relaxing, fun, relaxing, and relaxing. There are three albums of pictures at my Picasa site.
  • Now that our Mexico trip is over, it is time to start looking forward to our next couple trips - camping at Horsetooth the weekend of the 19th, Seattle (Barr family reunion) the weekend of the 26th, Milwaukee (G&G's 60th wedding anniversary) the first weekend of November, and possibly Tampa (Sarah has a conference) the next weekend. I'm trying to hit as many corners of this country in one year!
  • It is 2:35 and I am starving. Don't think I can make it to dinner. . .


MRD said...

What's the story with your RSS feed? It got as far as "Although the Rockies have sucked..." and then crapped out. Similar problems in the past. Fix it, douche.

Mikey said...

Problem fixed.
With love,

Jonny said...

I looked at your pictures from the trip and I don't know how you do it... You just continue to get sexier and sexier.

Looked like a fun trip. Welcome back.