Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Confessions of a Dangerous Flick

Random Musings on this beautiful December day. . .

  • I received Dropkick Murphys newest (but not so new) album (The Meanest of Times) for my birthday in November. After numerous cycles through the whole CD, I have decided that I love it as much if not more than their previous work.
  • Speaking of DKM - they are supposedly named after a local detox place in Boston.
  • CSU is bowl bound - December 20th in Albuquerque against Fresno State. Steve Fairchild has set a CSU record for victories in a freshman coaching campaign. Let's hope he extends his record to 7 later this month.
  • The wifey and I have purchased a new television.
  • The HD channels start on Sunday. I can't wait.
  • In related news, our Daytona party just got a hell of a lot cooler.
  • Also related: if you are in the market for a TV, shop one place - Ultimate Electronics. No other store has the combination of customer service and unbeatable prices.
  • The Rockies came out of the Winter Meetings with Alan Embree as the only addition to the roster. Excellent. We picked up a 38-year-old bullpen pitcher. Great. The Denver Post apparently is really excited for him to give up dingers at Coors Field.
  • I know that I am years behind, but Arrested Development is hilarious.
  • It is now December 12 and I have yet to be skiing or snowboarding this year. This upsets me.
  • The basement is making some serious progress. A majority of the drywall is up and the process of taping and mudding is going on now. Once that is complete, the shower and tile installs are the only real time-consuming portion of the reconstruction. After that it should not be long before we regain our working basement bathroom!
Hopefully you all have a wonderful holiday season in the next few weeks. Enjoy your time off, your time with family, and all the delicious Christmas cookies!

Until the next post -


Bryce said...

Check out The Briggs and Street Dogs if you need an amendment to your DKM.

Anonymous said...

I am going to have to disagree with your comment about Ultimate Electronics being great. They, in fact, suck. Have poor customer service and although their prices might be "unbeatable" they would have to maintain adequate stock of said items. They are on the short list of places I don't shop at.

Mikey said...

Wow. Sounds like some bitterness is lingering in the life of the Deuce. . .
I was basing my observations on the fact that I had been to Circuit City, Best Buy, etc. looking at TV's. No one I talked to at any of those stores had any idea as to what was going on. Hell, the salesperson at Best Buy couldn't even figure out what the price was on the one TV! But when we walked into Ultimate Electronics, they were helpful, knew the answers to my questions, willing to back off so Sarah and I could talk it over, and just pleasant. It is amazing how far that goes.

And the TV we wanted was in stock.