Friday, February 06, 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen. . . The Beatles!

In my life, a constant has always been music. There were times that we would drag the coffee table up against the wall to clear out space so mom could literally drag me around the room, teaching me how to dance. I learned everything in my parents living room from things as simple as finding the beat and matching the rhythm to specific dances like the waltz, two-step, polka (all things I still do from time to time). Piano lessons were a weekly occurrence until I quit in high school (wish I hadn't). My dad is a busy body - the two of us spent countless hours in the garage making stuff for the house or working on the cars or just putzing around. Without fail, either KYGO or KOOL 105 was on the radio. Looking back, it is hard to picture common scenarios in my life that didn't involve some aspect of music.

This ingrained sense of music in my life is glaringly obvious with a quick look at my iPod or my iTunes. What a random, bizarre collection that is.

A constant in all this chaos has been the Beatles. The Beatles have always been one of Mama Flick's favorites. Paul is her favorite; I'm more partial to John. Abbey Road was the first album I ever bought with my own money (on tape, of course). When I stumbled across this list: Playing the Beatles Backwards, I was hooked. I still haven't gotten all the way through this list, but I will. My biggest problem with the list? "I Will" at #86. It should have been much, much closer to #1.

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