Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Wow, I'm a slacker.

Sorry all three of you who read this. I have had a very hectic last few weeks. After the Flick family reunion, we returned to Denver for a week. On the 24th, my grandmother (my Dad's mom) died from her quickly spreading cancer. Thankfully, my Dad and his 10 brothers and sisters were all out there the weekend before she passed away. They were all able to help my grandpa and each other cope with the loss. Mom, Dad, and Matthew were still in the Twin Cities, so Sara, Katie and I hopped on a plane on the afternoon of the 25th for the funeral. On Wednesday, we had a visitation in the church preceding the funeral mass. We then processed out to the cemetary and had the burial. After the cemetary, we went to a local church for a luncheon that my family had set up. After dropping off my Grandpa at his home so he could get some sleep, we headed over to my aunt's house for some family time. We didn't leave there until late into the night. All in all, it was a sad day. At the same time, we got to spend a ton of time with the family and we got to hear story after story about Grandma, Grandpa, and all the exploits of the 11 children. Needless to say, I was exhausted after that day. Plus my flight out of Minneapolis was at 6:00 the next morning. I got home Thursday morning, went into work for just a few hours, and called it a day.

Friday was already a vacation day, as it was the day before Robert and Natalie's wedding. We played golf in the morning and then had the rehearsal and dinner that night. (As a sidenote, I hit a 310 yard drive on one of the par 5's at Englewood Golf Course. I am just as amazed as you!) Saturday was Robert and Natalie's wedding. Sunday, I flew to Phoenix. After an early dinner with my uncle and a giant bucket of balls at the local course, I had a couple days of HDR's Transportation Conference. Almost 800 of HDR's transportation staff came to Scottsdale for presentations and networking and social time. I had a blast, learned a ton, and met more people than I could possibly hope to remember. Thankfully, that will be my last trip for a while. The only thing I have in the future is a trip to Vegas the first weekend in September. Poor me. I have to go to Vegas!

As for the last week, I have been working and watching the Rockies. That is about it. Not too much time for anything else. Thankfully, tonight they finally won against those red-hot Dodgers. That puts them at 3 games out of the NL West lead. And the Wild Card is just as easily within their grasp. As for the Twins, they keep slugging out wins. After tonights victory (coupled with the White Sox loss to the Yankees and the BoSox loss to the Royals), the Twins now lead the Wild Card race by a 1/2 of a game. On June 8th, they were 11 games behind the Wild Card leading White Sox. They have made up a little ground since then. The biggest baseball news for me, though, has to be Justin Morneau's 30th home run this season. The Minnesota Twins have not had a 30 home run hitter since 1987 when they had a few. It was the longest streak in the major leagues by over 10 years. It was pathetic. Justin Morneau has changed all that. Thank you, you monster of a Canuck!

Big congrats to Cake on their engagement. I wish you both the best.

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