Monday, August 28, 2006

Boulder Sucks

It looks nice, doesn't it? The Flatirons right against the town. The red roofs of the University. Too bad the city of Boulder is trying to keep a secret from all of us. Fortunately, this secret has been revealed to everyone in Fort Collins. . . Boulder sucks. Hard. Really, really hard. Let's take a serious look at that city the past 10 years. What good has come out of that? You have the JonBenet case. You have the Churchill issues. You have the recruiting violations. You have Katie Hnida. Gary Barnett. Ricardo Patton. 4:20 celebrations. The worst fans in college sports. The Boulder Police Department. University officials owning liquor stores. Betsy Hoffman. Riots. Burning couches. The "term of endearment". Racist CU athletes sending racist emails. Number one party school rankings.

The crazy thing is that I'm sure I'm missing a lot more examples. What a dirty, hippie-filled, terrible place. Every day that I hear more crap about that school, the more thankful I am that I am a Ram through and through.


Anonymous said...

Hell yes.

Anonymous said...


Tim and Family said...

You said it in a nutshell!!

Anonymous said...

What an articulate, well thought-out post, and what enlightening and brilliant comments by Jon Boy, Chris Wood, Tim and Fitz! Mind-boggling. Fellas, I hope you've all grown up a bit since 2006. Maybe behind the guise of those middle-school words, great geniuses lurk -- but most likely, you five are Dumb, Dumber, Even Dumber, Dumber Than That and Dumbest of All.

Sign me, "Grown-Up in Boulder yet Tolerating Smartasses Like You"

Mikey said...

First of all, thank you for your comment. I always appreciate people reading the blog. However, I have a few problems with your comment. The biggest problem is your bitterly sarcastic claim that the post was "articulate" and "well though-out". Having written this years ago and having just re-read it for the first time in a while, I actually think this was fairly well written. My thoughts were conveyed exactly how I wanted them to be perceived. Articulate and well thought-out is exactly how this article is written.

As for the comments, those are some of my best friends. I can vouch for each and every one of them. None of them are "Dumb, Dumber, Even Dumber, Dumber Than That" or "Dumbest of All". They are all successful in various professions and personal endeavors.

My last issue with your comment is something I missed in my post the first time around. People from Boulder tend to have a self-righteous and pompous attitude to everything that is not Boulder. To a Boulderite, just being from Boulder or having ties to Boulder makes you above anyone or anything that does not share the similar traits. Now granted, this is not 100% true. My best friend went through school in Boulder and still came out okay. But he is the exception to the rule.

So, "Anonymous", please come back and read some more. Just don't attempt to explain to us lowly plebeians (wink) how much better than us you are because you are from a "better" place.