Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013, We Hardly Knew Ya

Our New Years Eve celebration is getting out-of-hand. It started with me taking down the Christmas lights from outside our house. As I was carrying them into the basement, I missed the last step, fell down hard on the concrete floor, and totally raged my ankle/foot. I also ripped a gigantic hole in the crotch of my jeans. In order to avoid the same issue, Carson is no longer wearing his pants. He's down to his shirt and onesie. Mackenzie keeps pulling off her sling in protest. Sarah has downed a half of a glass of wine. I've iced my foot, finished my wine, and opened a beer.

Crazy, I tell you.

If you can remember back to January, this is what I wanted to work on: writing on my blog, getting healthier, and taking more pictures. Let's see how we turned out.

The pictures have been taken, mostly of our two little people. Did I take as many pictures as I had hoped? Of course not. I don't have enough time to do such a thing. But I did a better job of capturing moments from our lives during this year. With two little people to photograph (and a smoking hot wife), I had plenty of opportunities to take pictures and I feel like my effort in 2013 was a huge step up from the previous year. I'll consider this a win.

My health is basically the same as when I last wrote this. I did take a step in the right direction - I had my brother (certified personal trainer) to give me a workout that would be effective and quick. I did try some of the exercises one day. I'm going to be slim and trim in no time. Workout resolutions are a waste of time and I knew it from the beginning. Glad I joined the majority in this failure. Maybe in 2014. . .

As for the blog, I was striving for twelve blog posts during the year. Not including the introductory resolution blog and this one, I managed to crank out nine blog posts. Since I set the rules can change them at any point, I will allow the resolution blogs to count. This puts me at eleven for the year. Crap. Still short. Maybe if I break this blog into two posts. . . The point of this goal was to get my writing going. In 2012, I wrote a total of two. TWO!! That is awful and pathetic and horrendous and whatever other descriptive word that is similar. I am excited that I managed to crank out nearly a blog post a month. Truly, sitting in front of a computer putting my thoughts into words that are enjoyable to other people is a cathartic experience. I hope to keep this trend going (or improve) in 2014. This should be easy as I have four (yeah, four) blogs in draft mode. Game on, people.

So if you are keeping score at home, it looks like I won the pictures, lost the workouts, and tied the blog posts. (I don't care if 11 is less than 12. My blog, my scoring.) Not too shabby.

I hope any of you who are reading this are closing out 2013 with grace and style, just like the Flicks are. May your 2014 be full of excitement, successes, and happiness.

Until the next post,

Update: After I posted this blog, my AMAZING cousin Terri reminded me that I had posted a story of Carson's arrival on our family blog. This puts me at 12 blog posts for the year. Let's call this a WIN!! Thanks, Terri!!

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