Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Firefox Update

Everything seems to be working fine today. I don't know what the problem was (maybe Google's problem? maybe Mozilla's problem?) but I have had zero issues today. Weird stuff.

Good news story of the day - my boy Harry is finally back in Denver after living in Vegas for a while now. Lucky for him, he's been able to experience all four seasons in the few days he has been back!

Maggiano's leftovers are incredible. I support garlic bread and gnocchi!

Lastly, happy birthday to Kellie O!

1 comment:

MRD said...

Are you using Firefox 3 Beta 5? You should be. It has a smaller memory footprint and I'm pretty sure that gmail is tailoring it's changes to the eminent release of version 3 which won't differ too much from beta 5.

Just FYI