Monday, April 24, 2006

Big News

Well, the big news of the weekend. . . Sarah and I are now engaged. It happened Saturday morning. Here's how it went down. I had arranged for a private tour of INVESCO Field at Mile High. I told Sarah that because HDR had season tickets, they got a private tour every year. I then told her that my boss had raffled off the tour to anyone in the office who was interested. Amazingly, I won the tour!! So we went to the tour and were shown around the stadium. We went into both the visiting and the Broncos locker rooms, the Monday Night Football booth, Pat Bowlen's suite (I don't think we were supposed to go in there, but the security guard let us!), on the field, and all over the stadium. We ended the tour on the east side of the south stands. It was the exact spot that Sarah and I had met almost four years ago at the CSU/CU game. I proposed there and she said yes! The best part is that she had no idea that it was coming and she was floored. Hoo-wah!

Colorado Rockies (10-8, 1st place in the NL West)
The Rockies just won a weekend series with the Giants. Although I was at the game in which Barry Bonds hit a home run (I almost puked) and the Rockies lost, they came out of the weekend with a series victory and some steam heading into their next road trip.

Minnesota Twins (7-11, 4th place in the AL Central, 6 games out of first place)
The Twins just got swept by the White Sox. What a weekend for them. They need to stop the bleeding!


Tim and Family said...

Being a married man myself I see how big this news is, but do you have to post it six times??? Congrats and very creative way of doing it!!

Mikey said...

Sorry there, Timmy. I was having problems with blogspot earlier today. That's pretty obvious, actually. I think I fixed the problem for you though!!