Friday, April 14, 2006

Finally Friday

Well, it is finally Friday and I cannot be happier that the weekend is upon us. This is going to be a pretty busy weekend. Tonight, my brother is in a "living" stations of the cross, so I will be attending that. Then, Sarah comes home Saturday night. This time, she won't be leaving any time soon! Of course it is Easter weekend too, so I will have plenty to do on Sunday. Sarah and I are going to go to church in the morning followed by brunch at my parents' house and then finishing it off with dinner at her grandparents'. Lots of eating, I would imagine. Thankfully, NASCAR takes a week off for Easter, so I don't have to worry about catching the race during all the craziness.

Colorado Rockies (6-3, 1st in the NL West)
Rockies retook sole ownership of the first spot in the West with a rubber match win over the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Minnesota Twins (4-5, 4th in the AL Central)
The Twins completed a three game sweep of the Athletics. The Yankees come to the Metrodome this afternoon.

Finally - Grant sucks.

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Grant said...

Colorado Rockies (7-5, 2nd in the NL West)
After spiting the first 2 games against the Phils, they lose the rubber match 1-0, the second ever 1-0 game at Coors Field. Rockies slip to second in the NL West standing with there poor proformance this weekend. Next up for the Rockies are Dads @ Coors Field starting tonight as the Rocks try to get on track at home.

Minnesota Twins (6-6, 4th in the AL Central)
Nice home series for the Twins against the Yankees winning 2 out of 3, but laying an EGG!!! on Sunday!!! WOW I am sooo funny. Next up the the Twinkies are the Angels @ the Metrodome on Tues.

Flick -- What are your feeling about the new ballpark for the twinkies opening -- Minneapolis Ballpark and what should the name be?