Thursday, April 20, 2006


So I may have been a little high on the Rockies early this year. Right now, they have been playing SO bad. I have never said this before, but I can now. . . I can't wait for a road trip!!! Apparently, the Rockies are refusing to hit at home until attendance drops to an all time low. Good plan, guys!! Meanwhile, Jeff Francis and Zach Day are making a run at being the most worthless person on the Rockies' roster. They basically guarantee a victory for the opposing team. When you lose at least 2 out of 5 games every time through your rotation, it really puts pressure on the three guys that can win games. Does not make for a fun season.

Meanwhile, the Twins are making me go crazy. The last several years, they have provided some of the best pitching in the league while producing a maximum of 2 runs a game. This year, the Twins pitching staff has the worst ERA in all of baseball. That's right. Worse than the Royals, Tigers, Marlins, Devil Rays, and my lowly Rockies. Worst!!! It is making me sick. However, their bats have come alive a few times. Seven times, to be exact. All seven victories have been come from behind wins. This baseball season might just push me over the edge. Hopefully a few people come and visit me when I am in my padded room at Fort Logan.

Colorado Rockies (8-7, 2nd in the NL West, 0.5 games out)

Minnesota Twins (7-7, 4th in the AL Central, 2.5 games out)

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