Tuesday, April 18, 2006

French Fried Potatoes

So this weekend was a bit of a sweet and sour weekend.

The Sweet:
  • Getting off of work early on Friday
  • Sarah came home Saturday night
  • Easter Sunday (aka lots of eating)
  • Twins almost sweep the Yankees

The Sour:

  • The Rockies lost another home series, this time to the Phillies

So there you have it. Short and sweet. Now onto Monday. Monday was a great day. Despite the fact that I had to work, it turned out fine. Mostly because I got to play some old man softball. Man, I love the old man softball. It was a pretty crazy game because the wind was blowing the whole game. And it was blowing hard. Straight in from left-center. It was really holding balls up. It did make for some interesting plays, though. For instance, I was playing right-center. This guy belts this fly ball straight to left center. The wind held the ball up, so the guy playing left center came charging in. By the time he tracked down the ball and caught it, he was laying in front of me. I had charged straight in and probably should have caught the ball, if not for the huge collision that would have transpired. It was crazy. The wind also did not play into my strengths. My typical bloop singles and gap line drives were hanging up in the wind. 1-3 with a single and 2 flyouts. Did have a few RBI's though.

As of right now:

Colorado Rockies (7-6, 2nd in the NL West, 1.5 games back)

Minnesota Twins (6-6, 4th in the AL Central, 1.5 games back)


Tim and Family said...

I am glad you are staying up to date with everything going on. I am trying and have finally updated mine. Keep up with the baseball info, it helps me keep up with the Rockies.

Tim and Family said...

Hey I don't think I have your e-mail but which Amgen does he work at and what is his name?